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Watch the borders!

Apparently in the mid 1960’s, FBI director, J Edgar Hoover was proof-reading a letter. He didn’t like the way the margins had been set out, so he wrote ‘watch the borders’ on the bottom and asked for the letter to be re-typed. The secretary retyped it and sent it to all the top agents. For the next two weeks, FBI agents patrolled the borders in droves, as requested!

How easy it is to misunderstand! Jesus came and loved those who appeared unlovely and who were broken and cast out; yet he was rounded on by many from orthodox religion.

How easy it is to misunderstand. The church was to be a means by which people meet with the risen Christ, just as they are, and to receive his grace and mercy. It is not the church’s job to ‘watch the borders’ and to exclude people. It is our job to break down the borders and barriers and to find people who are still ‘afar off’ and to lead them to the one who has all the grace, mercy and forgiveness they need.

A good question to ask ourselves would be; are we enabling people to see and meet the risen Christ or are we keeping Him hidden within our buildings where so many are reluctant to come?

It is good to be reminded that we are the Church and each one of us is called to share the good news of love and forgiveness with everyone.





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